USGS simulation shows how quickly the Washington landslide liquefied

A U.S. Geological Survey simulation shows how quickly the Washington landslide liquefied.

The U.S. Geological Survey released a computer simulation Thursday of the mile-wideWashington state mudslide, which left dozens dead and devastated at least 30 houses in March.

In USGS’ simulation, an entire hillside near the town of Oso, Wash. collapses as about 10 million cubic yards of mud, trees and other debris slide down the slope and cover a neighborhood and parts of State Route 530 in 60 seconds.

Scientists estimate that the landslide was traveling as fast as 60 mph when it reached the Stillaguamish River, The Seattle Times reports.

As of Wednesday evening, Snohomish County officials confirmed 36 dead, 32 of which have yet to be identified. Ten people remain missing.

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