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Valentine’s Day takes to the Internet

Love is all around, from Google to Facebook to the U.S. Department of the Interior.

This American Life teamed up with Google to create a Valentine’s Day audio themed Google Doodle. Ira Glass introduces Googlers to six different people who tell their stories of love and like. The stories are sweet, like the candy hearts that represent them.

Valentine's Day Google Doogle

The U.S. Department of the Interior also got in the Valentine’s Day spirit with a compilation of video and photos that show people’s weddings and proposals at various national parks.

And if you’re wondering if that Valentine’s Day date of yours will turn into a relationship, Facebook might have the answer for you. In a series of blog posts released this week, the social network seems to have cracked the algorithm to knowing when a relationship might bloom into love. And looking at likes, check-ins and interaction, Facebook’s data science team compiled a list of top cities for those relationships.

If Valentine’s Day doesn’t go according to your plan, Saturday’s blog post from Facebook is on break-ups.

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