Video: Sesame Street’s nod to Netflix series ‘House of Cards’

Watch Sesame Street’s parody of the series “House of Cards”, called “House of Bricks”.

Kevin Spacey, step back. There’s a new wolf in town. His name is Frank Underwolf, and he’s ready to take on “pork.”

Sesame Street retells the children’s story of “The Three Little Pigs” with a nod to the Netflix series “House of Cards”. The highly anticipated third season will be available to fans on Friday (unless you were one of the few who got an early viewing when episodes briefly appeared on the digital streaming service two weeks before its scheduled release.)

If the end of the Sesame Street video is any indicator of Frank Underwood’s fate, perhaps season 3 will culminate in a day of reckoning.

This isn’t the first parody inspired by the dark take on Washington politics and power.

Last August, Jimmy Fallon starred in a two-part video called “House of Cue Cards,” in which The Tonight Show host explained his rise to the top of the “ocean of late-night jokery.”