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WATCH: Florida governor urges virus tests for long-term care, hospitals

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stressed on Wednesday the importance of coronavirus tests for people who live, work at or visit long-term care facilities or hospitals.

Watch the governor’s remarks in the player above.

Florida has more than 4,400 long-term care facilities that support more than 150,000 residents and employ almost 200,000 staff members. Throughout the United States, such facilities have been hit hard with cases of the coronavirus given the density of older residents and the higher rates of health conditions that put people at greater risk of complications from the illness.

“This is just a fact of life when you have a virus like this that…directs most of its fury to the very elderly,” DeSantis said. “We need to be engaged across the hospitals, local communities, obviously the state, in doing this.”

According to Florida’s COVID-19 response website, the state currently has more than 41,000 confirmed cases and has conducted over 595,000 tests.