WATCH: Funeral of Heather Heyer, who died in Charlottesville attack

The family of Heather Heyer paid their respects to the 32-year-old in a memorial service that was held in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, today.

The public farewell came days after Heyer was killed when a man plowed his vehicle into a group of counter-protesters who had gathered in response to the neo-Nazis and white nationalists who descended on the city for the “Unite the Right” rally. Nineteen others were injured in the attack.

The funeral of Heather Heyer was held Wednesday at the Paramount Theater in Charlottesville. Watch the service in the player above.

Friends and family have said Heyer, a paralegal and Charlottesville local, would often stand against injustice.

“She always had a very strong sense of right and wrong. She always, even as a child, was very caught up in what she believed to be fair,” Heyer’s mother, Susan Bro, told The Huffington Post. “Somehow I almost feel that this is what she was born to be, is a focal point for change. I’m proud that what she was doing was peaceful. She wasn’t there fighting with people,” she added.

Attendees have been asked to wear purple at the service, Heyer’s favorite color, the Washington Post reported.

The Ohio man accused of killing Heyer appeared in a Virgini court Monday, wearing a black-and-white striped jumpsuit. A judge announced that James Alex Fields Jr., 20, would be denied bond and faces a second-degree murder charge in Heyer’s death.

President Donald Trump defended his initial statements on the Charlottesville attack to journalists Tuesday, saying that Bro thanked him for his remarks.

NBC News reported that Bro thanked the president “denouncing those who promote violence and hatred.” In an interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday, Bro said she “was so tired, I don’t remember saying something nice or derogatory about him.” AP noted that she did not praise the president again in the interview.

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