WATCH: Trump slams NAFTA, insists Mexico will pay for border wall in news conference with Finnish president

Speaking at a news conference Monday with the president of Finland, President Donald Trump continues to insist Mexico will pay for his long-promised border wall.

Trump says, “One way or the other Mexico will pay for the wall.” He says the project may be funded by the United States, but “ultimately” Mexico will pay.

Trump recently suggested he would force a federal government shutdown unless Congress provides funding for a wall.

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He said Monday that he hopes that is “not necessary.” But he adds, “if it’s necessary, we’ll have to see.”

The two leaders spoke after an expanded bilateral meeting at the White House. Niinisto last visited during Barack Obama’s term in 2016.

Trump is also repeating his criticism of the North American Free Trade Agreement. The U.S., Mexico and Canada began formal negotiations on the pact earlier this month.

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