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Welcome to the New Making Sen$e with Paul Solman

Paul Solman: A belated welcome to you here at the redesigned Making Sen$e with Paul Solman Web site. We are, like the Internet through which we operate, a work in progress. Heraclitus was right in observing that you can’t step into the same river twice, but you can’t step into the same Web even once, so fast is it changing. We’re simply going with the flow.

Our ambition for this page, beyond housing my segments, our Web-exclusive features, and daily Q&A posts on the Business Desk, is that it become the hub for economic literacy materials on the Web. We welcome those materials from anywhere and everywhere, for viewers, for teachers, and for students who want to understand the world we live in. And we’ll carefully curate those materials to meet the criteria we apply to the videos and features we ourselves produce: up-to-the-minute, yet enduring; authoritative while imaginative; and succinct (though I admit, we sometimes fall short in this dimension).

In human years, this page — first launched in 2007 — remains a toddler as we stumble toward a steadier gait. We may not be able to pass a sobriety test just yet, but the point of the redesign is to make us easier to follow. The Business Desk area remains what it was from conception: a place for you to ask questions about the economy and for me, with at times more than a little help from my friends, to answer them. It has also become an occasional forum for favorite economics thinkers to vent, ventilate, or debate.

Making Sen$e is younger still and more fluid: a place where you’ll find our broadcast segments, web-exclusive videos and interviews, slide shows, interactives, and more. The new overall design is an exercise is streamlining; our objective is ease of use. Viewers should be able to find what they need; teachers and students, too.

But look, this page is for you and those to whom you may tout it. In that spirit, we urge you to let us know what works for you, and what doesn’t. As with your questions, we will be attentive. I promise.

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