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What Is the Rundown?

The Rundown, the PBS NewsHour’s news blog, is written by a team of reporters, producers, editors and on-air correspondents — all led by our new online/on-air correspondent Hari Sreenivasan.
The goal of the Rundown is three-fold: To cover the day’s top stories, to provide insight into how the evening’s program is being shaped — including who we’re talking to and what we’re watching — and finally, to give readers a better way to connect with the people and personalities that make the program tick.
We’ll draw on our newsroom resources, as well as the reporting of our colleagues at other PBS programs and local television and radio stations around the nation. We’ll also mine the Web for interesting stories and reports and distill and clarify them as only the NewsHour can.
You may be wondering about our name: The Rundown. It’s a term used in many newsrooms to refer to the script for that night’s broadcast. If a story is in the “rundown,” it’s slated to make air that night. We hope that you’ll join us as we work to make the Rundown a place you regularly visit for the NewsHour’s perspective, reflection and reporting of the news.

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