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What we’re watching Saturday

Typhoon Haiyan

Relief efforts continue in the Philippines, with hundreds of aid workers setting up temporary hospitals in the city of Tacloban. The United Nations raised the death toll to 4,400, and said 11 million people had been affected.

Residents appeal for help in the aftermath of the recent super typhoon on Nov. 16, 2013 in Tanauan, Leyte, Philippines. Credit: Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images

According to NPR’s Anthony Kuhn, there’s brewing resentment over local reports that relief aid has favored wealthier residents at the expense of the poor.

Violence flaring in Libya

Over 40 protestors were killed in Tripoli yesterday by local militias. According to the New York Times, the protests were “part of a rising tide of citizen anger against Libya’s multitude of militias, made up of thousands of men who fought Colonel Qaddafi’s forces and never laid down their arms.”

Afghanistan Car Bomb

A car bomb reportedly killed over a dozen people in Kabul Saturday ahead of meetings between U.S. and Afghan officials.

The bombing was seen as a direct attack on the upcoming meetings to be held in the capital city to discuss whether thousands of U.S. military personnel will remain in Afghanistan to train and advise the Afghan army.

Another JPMorgan settlement

The country’s biggest bank – JPMorgan — agreed late Friday to pay a group of investors $4.5 billion to settle claims that the bank packaged and sold dubious mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the financial crisis.

This is the second large payout coming from JPMorgan, which is also reportedly negotiating with the Justice Department to pay $13 billion over allegations that the bank sold other similarly shaky mortgage-backed securities.

Pakistan Violence

A curfew was imposed in the city of Rawalpindi after eight people were killed in sectarian violence.

The 8 killed were Sunni Muslims who died when Shiite Muslims stormed their seminary on Friday.

According to the BBC, dozens of others were injured and shops were set on fire due to ongoing sectarian clashes between followers of the two divergent branches of Islam.

Ivy League meningitis outbreak

To counter a growing outbreak of meningitis on the campus of Princeton University in New Jersey, the Federal Drug Administration has agreed to import a vaccine from Europe that isn’t currently approved for use in the U.S.

While meningitis is relatively rare in this country, Princeton officials confirmed seven cases of the contagious disease this week, which causes swelling of the brain and spinal cord and can quickly become fatal.

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