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What we’re watching Friday

A ceremony at Dealey Plaza in Dallas will mark the moment that shots were fired at President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago today. Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

A nation remembers JFK

Shortly after sunrise Friday morning Attorney General Eric Holder paid his respects at President John F. Kennedy’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. Today marks 50 years after the president’s assassination on the streets of Dallas.

At 12:30 CST, the time when shots were fired, gatherers in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza will observe a moment of silence.

In Boston, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum will open a new exhibit featuring artifacts from Mr. Kennedy’s funeral.

Overcoming snags in Iran nuclear talks

As Iran and six global powers continue to meet in Geneva, Western diplomats played down the prospect of a pending breakthrough in the talks that began on Wednesday, Reuters reported Friday.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, Tehran’s chief negotiator, and European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton met again Friday. But, Reuters reported, Ashton’s spokesman only described the meeting as “useful.”

Hamid Karzai delays signing the U.S-Afghan pact

Afghan president Hamid Karzai rejected a U.S. call to sign security deal by year’s end. “We do not recognize any deadline from the U.S. side,” said Aimal Faizi, a spokesman for Karzai.

Typhoon death toll rises

Philippine officials confirmed Friday that the death toll from one of the strongest typhoon’s on record, has risen above 5,000 and is likely to climb further.
Civil defense chief Eduardo del Rosario said there were 1,611 people still missing.

Pakistan doctor who helped CIA charged with murder

The doctor who helped track down Osama bin Laden has been charged with murder in a case related to a teenage boy who died after the doctor performed surgery on him for appendicitis in 2006, the Associated Press reported Friday.
Shakil Afridi is currently being held in prison in Pakistan pending retrial on a separate charge of “conspiring against the state.”

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