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What we’re watching Saturday

Death count may rise in Glasgow helicopter crash

Late Friday, a police helicopter crashed into a Glasgow pub. According to the AP, 8 people are confirmed dead, including two officers and a civilian pilot.

Officials say the count is likely to rise. The BBC reports the pilot may have tried to land on the pub’s roof.

U.S. offers to destroy Syrian chemical weapons; UN report shows suffering of children in Syria

The United States has offered to destroy parts of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, according to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The weapons are supposed to be removed by Dec. 31.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees released a report detailing the widespread psychological distress suffered by many Syrian refugee children. The survey states over 70,000 refugee families are living in exile without fathers; over 3,700 children are living without either parent.

More than one million Syrian children are displaced by the ongoing conflict.
85-year-old American tourist held in North Korea

North Korea state media released a video on Saturday showing American tourist and Korean war veteran, Merrill Newman, 85, apologizing for alleged crimes during that war.

Newman was removed from a plane on Oct. 26 as he was preparing to leave the country following a 10-day visit.

You can watch the video here.

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