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What we’re watching Sunday

Nuclear deal boost to Iranian economy

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a parliament meeting Sunday that last month’s nuclear deal was already showing signs of helping the Iranian economy.

His comments came as UN inspectors visited a plant linked to Iran’s nuclear program.

Pro-Europe protests continue in Ukraine

Bracing cold temperatures, hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered in Ukraine’s capital to denounce President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to move ahead with a trade deal with Russia.

The pro-Europe protesters are calling for the president to dismantle his government and reconsider his decision to back away from the European Union.

Several bombings hit Baghdad

Dozens have been killed or injured in bombings across Baghdad.

The deadliest attack took place in the largely Shi’ite Muslim district of Bayaa, where 7 people were reportedly killed and 14 injured.

South Korea expands air defense zone

South Korea announced on Sunday an expansion of its air defense zone over the East China Sea that overlaps with areas claimed by both Japan and China.

The announcement will likely raise tensions in the region.

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