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What we’re watching Wednesday

Good morning!

Grab a cup of coffee and read some of the stories that PBS NewsHour expects to develop throughout the day.

Bernanke set to taper QE

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke is expected to announce that the Fed will taper its quantitative easing (QE) program, the bond-purchasing effort to keep market interest rates at a specified target value. Time reports that since QE has influenced markets from South Africa to Brazil, the decision will impact the global economy. The Khan Academy made a video explaining QE below:

Navy Yard shooting update and gun control

More details about the Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis trickle in with The Washington Post reporting a history of police reports and mental health consultations for the 34-year-old former Navy reservist and military contractor. The Los Angeles Times also reported that sponsors of gun legislation were doubtful that the mass shooting would spur new gun laws.

Colorado flooding rescue efforts slower than expected

The Denver Post reports that rescue efforts for the hard-to-reach communities in flood-ravaged Larimer County went much more slowly than expected Tuesday because people are refusing to leave their homes. As of late Tuesday, about 100 people were rescued in Larimer County, far below the 500 to 600 people officials had hoped would take a helicopter ride to safety. Sheriff’s spokesman Nick Christensen said that these residents could be isolated for up to six months once winter storms arrive as early as October.

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