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What’s your vice? Tell NewsHour

What’s your vice? Share yours with @NewsHour and see what others had to say.

The dreary days of February are coming to a close, and we can’t say we’re sad. In fact, we’re down right elated to say (a hopeful) goodbye to the snow and cold that the past month has brought. How apropos that the first week of March comes with a built-in celebration? Mark your calendars, Mardi Gras is next Tuesday.

What's your vice?

What’s your vice?

Here at PBS NewsHour, we’re taking the celebration one step further and declaring the week leading up to Mardi Gras as Vice Week.

What’s a Vice Week, you ask?

Allow us to explain. A vice is some sort of wicked behavior — something that you like to do, but perhaps shouldn’t (full disclosure: this writer’s vice is eating too many Cheetos). Since “Vice” is often connected with the “seven deadly sins,” we’ve given each day a theme of sloth, wrath, gluttony, envy, lust, greed and pride.

Each day, you’ll be able to find a story on our website connected to one of these vices. And on Twitter, Instagram and Vine, we want you to join in the fun.vice-week

What’s your vice? Do you binge-watch British period dramas, indulge in too much Chipotle, listen to music that features a banjo and a fiddle more often than you’d like to admit? Throughout the week, send us photos and Vines of something that represents your vice, and we’ll showcase your creativity on our website.

Here’s how you can show us your vice:

  • Tweet your photos (and Vines) to @NewsHour using #viceweek
  • Tag @NewsHour on Instagram with #viceweek
  • Tag @NewsHour on Vine using #viceweek

Go forth, have fun–but please, keep it classy.

Questions? Feel free to email cshalby@newshour.org

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