The winners of our health care haiku contest are…

It’s not easy to channel the concerns of millions of Americans in 17 syllables. Still, we received an outpouring of poetic expression in response to our callout for health care haiku. Choosing a single winner was too difficult. Thus we are proud to congratulate our two winners: Ronnie Dugger and Dorothy Workman!

Here are the winning haiku. They won for their combination of cleverness, poignancy and expression of the general disquiet which we saw in nearly all entries:

Can’t pay the M.D.,
no money for surgery,
but I can die free!
Ronnie Dugger

The Health Care Debate
A final insanity
Which no one can win.
Dorothy Workman

THANK YOU to everyone who responded. As we have said before, we have the most talented readers and viewers in the business.