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Women still earned 77 cents to a man’s dollar in 2012

Along with disappointing poverty line numbers, Tuesday’s Census report shows that women on average still make significantly less than men. The average income in 2012 for a man was $49, 398 and for a woman $37,791.

” The female-to-male earnings ratio has not experienced a significant annual increase since 2007.”

U.S. Census Report.

The U.S. Census Bureau also reported that fewer women than men are going back to work and being given raises after the recession. Between 2011 and 2012 at least 1.6 million men entered or reentered the work force with full time employment compared to 1.1 million women. Also, one million more men saw increases in their salary during the year than the previous, but the number of more women receiving pay raises was not statistically significant.

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