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The Virginia State Capitol appears in Richmond, Virginia. Photo by Flickr user Will Fisher

1-vote win puts Democrats closer to control of Virginia legislature

Republican control of Virginia’s House of Delegates may be in peril now that a Democratic challenger seems to have won a recount.

Election officials in Newport News said Tuesday that Shelly Simonds beat incumbent Republican Del. David Yancey by 1 vote. The recounted votes still must be certified by a court Wednesday, although officials expected that no ballots would be challenged.

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Yancey had won the 94th District by just 10 votes in November. It was the slimmest margin among the four House races that sparked recounts. Two recounts remain in other districts.

November’s elections had shrunk the Republicans’ 66-34 majority in the House to a 51-49 edge. A Simonds victory would split party control at 50-50.

The parties may have to reach a power-sharing agreement to avoid chaos in the House.

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