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5 overlooked politics stories that are worth your time

The 24-hour news cycle is filled with political coverage, but not everything gets the attention it deserves. Here are five politics stories you may have missed in the past week.

1. We Locked Four Experts in a Room Until They Solved ImmigrationPolitico, 2/9. As lawmakers deliberate immigration this week, Politico Magazine launched this experiment to see whether people with opposing views could come up with an agreement on the issue.

2. This Teenager Accused Two On-Duty Cops Of Rape. She Had No Idea The Law Might Protect ThemBuzzFeed News, 2/7. A New York rape case is exposing a legal loophole in 35 states that may make it harder to prosecute law enforcement officers in some sexual assault cases.

3. California taxpayers could foot the bill to shutter oil rigs off the Central CoastSan Luis Obispo’s The Tribune, 2/7. After two offshore drilling companies went bankrupt, California legislators may be stuck with a large bill to dismantle their oil rigs.

4. Trump’s refugee policies are dramatically slowing arrivals in the U.S.Dallas Morning News, 2/7. In the first four months of the fiscal year — through Jan. 31 — about 6,000 refugees arrived in America, far fewer than the 45,000 the Trump administration said they’d allow to enter in 2017.

5. Trump fires first salvo on drug pricesThe Hill, 2/12. The Trump administration’s budget request includes proposals aimed at lowering drug costs. It’s the White House’s first action impacting the pharmaceutical industry, and follows through on one of the president’s promises on the campaign trail.

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