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FILE PHOTO - Flags fly above the entrance to the new Trump International Hotel on its opening day in Washington

5 overlooked politics stories that are worth your time

The 24-hour news cycle is filled with politics coverage, but not everything gets the attention it deserves. Here are five politics stories you may have missed in the past week.

  1. Cybersecurity czar: White House must compromise with Congress on surveillance.
  2. The Trump administration is admitting it will likely have to compromise in the debate over privacy versus security. — USA Today, 11/15

  3. Deal to bolster gun background checks is reached by Senators
  4. In a landmark bipartisan effort, a group of senators introduced a bill that would improve background checks for gun buyers. — New York Times, 11/16

  5. Taxpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits
  6. It looks like taxpayers are footing some of the bill to defend President Donald Trump’s ownership of some private businesses. — USA Today, 11/15

  7. Jeff Sessions Gives In and Sends Federal Funds to Sanctuary Cities
  8. Attorney General Jeff Sessions awarded grants to 36 jurisdictions the DOJ found noncompliant with immigration authorities. — Mother Jones, 11/20

  9. FCC chairman confirms net neutrality repeal plan
  10. The chair of the Federal Communications Commission revealed his plans to dismantle Obama-era regulations on internet service providers. — Politico, 11/21

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