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Waters Trial Date Cancelled by Ethics Committee After Recommending Censure for Rangel

Rep. Maxine Waters; Creative Commons photo courtesy of flickr.com/gwen/

The House Ethics Committee has canceled the Nov. 29 trial date scheduled for California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters, citing “the discovery of materials that may have had an effect” on the ethics investigation subcommittee’s work.

The committee had just finished Thursday with its investigation into Rep. Charles Rangel, recommending during an emotional sanctions hearing that Rangel be censured by the House of Representatives.

It is not clear whether the committee has canceled the trial or just postponed it — or what the committee discovered. A telephone call to the ethics committee went unanswered.

Waters released a statement saying she was disappointed that the committee was delaying her chance to clear her name.

After beginning its investigation more than a year ago, working to prepare a case for months and realizing it cannot prove wrongdoing, they have resorted to a delay. If this evidence is so damning, the Committee should present its case before the public, as we asked them to do when I first learned of their desire to postpone the hearing. Apparently the Committee now recognizes, as I have maintained, that there was no benefit, no improper action, no failure to disclose, no one influenced, and there is no case.

In June, the ethics investigatory subcommittee accused Waters of asking the Treasury Department to intervene and help a troubled bank, OneUnited, in which her husband owned stock worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The bank eventually received more than $12 million in TARP funding.

You can read that report here.

Waters has said that she was seeking help for all minority-owned banks, which she said are under-represented, and was not only trying to help OneUnited.

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