An All-Access Pass to the Conventions

Are you excited yet? We are!

In a special edition of this week’s Political Checklist, I talked with senior correspondent Gwen Ifill and UStream Vice President Craig Mullaney about our partnership for the Republican National Convention beginning Monday.

Thanks to UStream’s awesome technology, the NewsHour team will be bringing you six livestreamed channels during both conventions. As Gwen outlined in our chat, the idea is to give viewers a true sense of what it’s like behind the scenes, along with the NewsHour analysis you know and trust.

And each day Gwen, Judy Woodruff and I will livestream the Political Checklist from the newsroom right on our home page.

Mullaney noted that UStream will be tracking citizen journalists in both Tampa and Charlotte and will showcase those reports in a super livestream channel.

Make sure to join us Monday for the official kick off of your “All Access Pass” to the conventions.

Vanessa Dennis and Cassie M. Chew shot this video.

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