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All the assault allegations against Donald Trump, recapped

Fifteen women have come forward with allegations against Donald Trump, each accusing him of inappropriate conduct. Their charges range from an unwanted touch from behind to aggressive, sudden kissing to fingers groping up their skirt and into their underwear. Donald Trump and his campaign insist all of the stories are fabricated and politically motivated.

So far:

  • 15 women have accused Donald Trump of various forms of sexual assault, including one accusation of rape. This figure includes standing accusations from both before and after the release of the Access Hollywood tape on October 7.
  • Four other women have publicly said Mr. Trump walked in on them and other pageant contestants while they were undressing. Buzzfeed reports another three women have confirmed the pageant stories but did not want their names used.
  • The alleged incidents range from the early 1980s to 2013.
  • Donald Trump has adamantly denied all of the stories and accuses the women of being political tools trying to shift the presidential campaign weeks before the election.


Here is what we know about the accusations of assault against Donald Trump, including the date of the alleged assault. These are standing allegations of assault that have not been disavowed by the alleged victim.

Kristin Anderson – Early 1990s. Story in the Washington Post October 14.
Anderson says she was in a Manhattan bar with friends when the person next to her reached up her skirt and touched her vagina through her underwear. She says she turned and recognized the person as Donald Trump.

Rachel Crooks – 2005. Story in New York Times October 12.
A 22-year-old receptionist at the time, Crooks said Trump gave her an unwanted kiss on the mouth after meeting him in 2005.

“Jane Doe” – 1994. Lawsuit filed June 2016, refiled October 2016 as reported by Buzzfeed and others. A court has ordered responses from Trump by December.
Jane Doe is an unnamed plaintiff who was 13 years old in 1994, when she claims she was repeatedly raped by Trump and Jeffrey Epstein at Epstein’s New York City apartment. A witness, also given a pseudonym — “Tiffany Doe” — said she recruited “Jane Doe” and others.

Jessica Drake – 2006. Story made public at news conference October 22.
While working as an adult film actress, Drake says Trump invited her to the room where he was staying in Lake Tahoe. In the room, she says he grabbed, hugged and kissed her and two other women who accompanied her without permission. Later, she alleges that Trump called her and pressed her to return to his room, offering $10,000 at one point. Drake says she declined.

Jill Harth – 1992-1993. Story in the New York Times October 9.
A Florida businesswoman who partnered with Trump and later dated him. Harth alleged that he groped her under the table at dinner with her boyfriend then repeatedly got her alone, and it would turn into a “wrestling match.” She sued Trump for breach of contract, sexual harassment and at one point attempted rape. She settled and then in 1998 dated Trump.

Cathy Heller – 1997. Story in the Guardian October 15.
At a Mothers Day brunch for Mar-A-Lago club members’ families in 1997, Heller alleges that when she was introduced to Trump, he grabbed her and tried to kiss her on the lips. Heller says she leaned back to avoid him and then he kissed her on the side of her mouth. CNN has reported Heller is a Democratic donor.

Ninni Laaksonen – 2006. Former Miss Finland. Story in Ilta-Sonomat October 27. In English in the Telegraph.
Laaksonen told Finnish newspaper Ilta-Sonomat that Trump “squeezed her butt” as she and other pageant contestants stood next to him for a publicity photo, ahead of an appearance on The Letterman Show.

Jessica Leeds – Early 1980s. Story in New York Times October 12.
Leeds says she sat next to Trump in first class on an airplane and that he kissed her, groped her chest and reached up her skirt, leading her to move back to coach. “He was like an octopus,” she told The New York Times. In a NY Post report published October 14, a British man whose interview was arranged by the Trump campaign said that he was on the flight, that Leeds’ account is false and he remembers Leeds acting inappropriately.

Mindy McGillivray – Jan. 24, 2003. Story in Palm Beach Post October 12.
Working as an assistant to photographers at Mar-a-Lago in 2003, McGillivray charges that Trump nudged or grabbed her from behind.

Jennifer Murphy – 2004. Story in Grazia October 12.
A former Miss USA and “The Apprentice” contestant, Grazia says that Trump kissed her on the lips after walking her to the elevators following a meeting in New York, which he said was to discuss a possible job.

Cassandra Searles – 2013. Made story public in Facebook post in early 2016.
Miss Washington 2013, Searles wrote on Facebook, “He probably doesn’t want me telling the story about that time he continually grabbed my ass and invited me to his hotel room.”

Natasha Stoynoff – December 2005. Story on People.com October 12.
Stoynoff was a celebrity reporter covering Trump for People Magazine. She alleges that Trump assaulted her while she was at Mar-a-Lago interviewing him and Melania Trump for a story about their one-year anniversary. She alleges Trump took her to a private room, pushed her against the wall and aggressively kissed her. Stoynoff also says a staffer told her Trump was waiting for her the next day at a massage appointment.

Temple Taggart McDowell – 1997. Story in New York Times May 14, 2016.
McDowell, who was Miss Utah USA 1997, charges that Trump suddenly kissed her without her consent on two separate occasions.

Karena Virginia – 1998. Story made public at news conference October 20.
Virginia says that while she was waiting for a ride following the U.S Open tennis tournament, Trump walked up to her, grabbed her arm and touched her breast.

Summer Zervos – 2007. Story made public in news conference October 14, 2016.
A former contestant on “The Apprentice,” Zervos alleges that Trump told her he wanted to discuss a possible job, but alone in a Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow, grabbed her breasts, kissed her and tried to lead her into a bedroom.


Mariah Billado – 1997 Miss Vermont Teen. Story in Buzzfeed Oct. 12.

Tasha Dixon – 2001 Miss Arizona. Story in CBSLA Oct. 11.

Victoria Hughes – 1997 Miss New Mexico Teen. Story in Buzzfeed Oct. 13.

Bridget Sullivan – 2000 Miss New Hampshire. Story in Buzzfeed May 18.

Buzzfeed on October 12 reported that three other anonymous sources from 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant confirmed Billado and Hughes’ story.


Lisa Boyne – Summer 1996. Story in The Huffington Post October 13.
Boyne alleges that at a group dinner, Trump and other men forced women to walk over the table to leave their seats and that Trump looked up the women’s skirts and commented on their underwear and genitalia.

Ivana Trump – 1989. Accusations in early 1990s court deposition, made public in The Daily Beast on July 27, 2015. Ivana disavowed stories of rape in a 1993 book and further commented on July 28, 2015.

The mother of three children with Trump, Ivana Trump charges that Trump “violated their bond of love” in a 1989 incident, which she has not described any further in public. She wrote that her reported words charging her ex-husband with “rape” in a deposition were figurative, that stories about a rape are “totally without merit” and she “ did not mean rape in the “criminal sense.” She is under a confidentiality agreement and cannot discuss her marriage publicly without approval from Donald Trump.

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