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Bill Clinton to reduce foundation role if Hillary Clinton wins election

The Clinton Foundation will undergo some big organizational changes if Hillary Clinton becomes the next president.

In a statement released Monday, Bill Clinton said he would reduce his role at the foundation — which has been heavily criticized in recent weeks by Donald Trump — if Hillary Clinton beats Trump in the fall.

Clinton said he would stop fundraising for the foundation and step down from its board, effectively removing himself from the nonprofit’s chain of command.

The foundation would limit its donors to “U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and U.S.-based independent foundations,” Clinton said. The move would restrict donations from foreign governments, contributions that came under scrutiny when Hillary Clinton was the secretary of the State Department.

Additionally, the foundation’s official name would change from the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation back to the Clinton Foundation. This would be the foundation’s second official name change in the past three years; the nonprofit was rebranded in 2013 as well, when Hillary and Chelsea’s names were added.

Bill Clinton’s announcement included an acknowledgement of the political challenges the foundation has posed for the couple since he started it after leaving office.

Should Hillary Clinton become president, he said, “the Foundation’s work, funding, global reach, and my role in it will present questions that must be resolved in a way that keeps the good work going while eliminating legitimate concerns about potential conflicts of interest.”

Clinton also said the restructuring has been in the planning stages for months. But the announcement also comes at a time when the foundation is under intense attack from Donald Trump.

The Republican nominee stepped up his criticism on Monday, calling for an independent special prosecutor to investigate “the coordination between the pay-for-play State Department and the corrupt Clinton Foundation.”

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