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Boehner, GOP Leaders Defend Budget Negotiations

In a news conference Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner and other GOP leaders defended ongoing budget negotiations in the face of a possible government shutdown if an agreement is not reached by Friday.

Boehner said that “the conversations are continuing, nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. I think we’ve made some progress, yes, but we are not finished by a long shot.”

He said that despite remaining sticking points, “Republicans have no interest in shutting down the government,” a move he called “irresponsible.”

“It would be easy to just fold your cards and go home … (but) we’re going to fight for as many spending cuts as we can get,” he added.

Majority Leader Eric Cantor said a resolution that cut spending was critical to economic recovery. “We have got to solve the debt crisis and we have got to demonstrate some responsibility here in Washington so this economy can get going again,” he said.

During an energy speech at the Gamesa Technology Corp., a wind-energy technology factory in Pennsylvania, President Obama said earlier Wednesday he was frustrated that “we’re arguing about last year’s budget.”

“After weeks of negotiations, we’ve now agreed to cut as much as much spending as the Republicans in Congress originally asked for,” the president said.

Watch video of President Obama’s town hall here.

Like Republicans, he was quick to point to the economic impact of a possible shutdown. “it affects our economy right at a time when our economy is getting momentum,” he said.

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