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Carl Malamud: Internet Has Yet to Revolutionize Legal Industry

Carl Malamud has been fighting for transparency issues since before most of us started using 28k modems, since before there was a movement and conferences devoted to Gov2.0 principles. His most recent focus is Law.gov, a project by Public.Resource.org that aims to increase transparency in the rules that govern our land.

Malamud told The Rundown that the legal industry is the last business that the Internet has left to dramatically transform.

“We have backed ourselves into system that is based on 100 years ago when books were expensive to print and then a system based on mainframe computers. What has happened is the legal industry — and the judicial industry in particular — haven’t caught up with the Internet revolution. It’s not that they’re evil or stupid.”

Watch our full conversation here:

You can also read or watch his comments to the Gov2.0. Summit here.
Crispin Lopez contributed to this report. Follow Hari on Twitter.

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