Clinton talks ‘work-life balance’ with families in Virginia

Hillary Clinton is focusing on so-called “work-life balance” issues as she campaigns in northern Virginia today.

She’s targeting white women — a demographic group that President Barack Obama lost — in her early effort to defeat GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Her campaign believes women, particularly those in battleground states, will be turned off by his history of sexist statements.

Clinton is highlighting her support for increased family leave and equal pay at an event with parents in a coffee shop in suburban Loudoun County, Va. — a battleground county outside Washington where the votes of affluent women are critical.

“We need to really start looking at these programs from the lens of what life is like today and not what it was like 50 years ago,” she says.

Clinton says the problems facing families today are “just harder” than the ones she dealt with as a young lawyer in Arkansas trying to raise her daughter, Chelsea.

“Costs are greater, everything from commuting time to feeling like if you take that vacation day, you are going to be viewed as slacking off,” she says.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton met with working families at a coffee shop in Stone Ridge, Virginia, on Monday. Video by PBS NewsHour

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