Compare Trump and Clinton’s silent debate moments in this reaction-shot supercut

Al Gore let out a heavy sigh and rolled his eyes. Richard Nixon looked pale and uncomfortable. A candidate’s silent debate reactions can speak louder than, well…when they actually speak.

The second 2016 presidential debate was one of the most intense in U.S. history, and it was filled with silent drama. Hillary Clinton smiled with apparent amusement as Donald Trump said that he felt she belonged in prison. Trump regularly paced the stage, often turning his back on Clinton when she spoke. How often did each candidate’s body language reveal their discomfort on the debate floor?

We cut 15 minutes of silent reaction footage to compare how well each candidate kept their cool in the face of such a heated event. This video is not cut in chronological order, and video of the other candidate speaking has been edited out of each frame to create this artificial comparison.

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