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Dem-Friendly Pollsters Find Electorate Frustrated With Bickering, Partisanship

Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg released a poll Friday that provides yet another look at what message voters wanted to send when they voted a new Republican majority to the House of Representatives and six new Republicans to the U.S. Senate.

The bottom line: Voters told Greenberg that while they are frustrated with partisan bickering and the bad economy, they don’t embrace big cuts to social spending.

From the poll:

Fifty-eight percent of respondents who voted said they were trying to send a message about how dissatisfied they are with things in Washington. But they were not necessarily embracing the Republican Party and its policies: Both political parties received equally poor favorability ratings, as did the Tea Party movement. Twenty-six percent of voters said they were trying to send a message to “both parties” with their vote, while only 20 percent cited President Obama and 15 percent said Democrats in Congress.

You can see the entire poll here:

Democracy Corps/Campaign for America's Future Election 2010 Poll

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The poll talked to 2008, 2010 and some non voters. You can read the full results here.

Greenberg and Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future, which released the poll, claim the results show voters don’t necessarily embrace a Republican agenda just because they sent more Republicans to Congress.

“Those suggesting this election represents an ideological shift are simply wrong,” Greenberg said. “Voters are not buying what Republicans are selling, particularly cuts in Social Security and Medicare, education and the environment. And, voters are offended by the partisan posturing, which Republicans will have a hard time transcending even with the House majority. Americans are still looking for answers, and not happy with the ones they’ve been getting from either party.”

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