While the Democrats debated, the Republicans offered their own responses on Twitter

While the Democratic presidential candidates were busy debating Tuesday night, the GOP presidential hopefuls were busy tweeting their reactions and not so subtle disses.

Tuesday evening at the Wynn Las Vegas marked the first Democratic debate of the 2016 election season. Hosted by CNN, the five Democratic contenders faced off to discuss a wide range of issues — gun violence, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, campaign finance, income inequality, education and race relations.

While the candidates took their nuanced stances on each topic, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump took the opportunity to live tweet the event.

Other GOP candidates joined in on the fun, slinging counter arguments and offering their versions of fact checking wherever they saw fit.

While a large amount of the GOP tweets focused on taking aim at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Gov. Mike Huckabee made a point to respond to Sen. Bernie Sanders multiple times.

But in between the insults, there were even a few compliments.

The GOP candidates will have their third debate Oct. 28, at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Let’s see if the Dems take a page out of the Republican’s book and sling the mud right back.