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DNC’s Kaine Touts Party Record Amid Signs of Voter Frustration

Amid chatter on how tea party candidates might influence the GOP in November’s elections and bleak poll numbers for incumbent Democrats, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine continued the refrain Wednesday heard from Democratic politicians and party officials alike: vote for us because of our accomplishments.

While pundits and analysts digested what the week’s big primary races might mean for the White House, Kaine unveiled a new logo, slogan and website for the party, Democrats.org, in what was billed as a major announcement at George Washington University.

Here, watch as Kaine ticks off the accomplishments of the Democratic Congress and President Obama:

“We have to keep fighting for change because we aren’t out of the woods yet,” Kaine told the crowd.

According to recent polls and expert analysis, Democrats are deep in the woods. Our Morning Line for Sept. 7, 2010, examined polls that had little but bad news for the party.

A key point from the Washington Post/ABC News poll:

Among likely voters, 53 percent say they would vote for a generic Republican candidate for Congress this year vs. 40 percent who say they would vote for the generic Democrat on a ballot. That 13-point GOP advantage is the largest in the poll’s history dating back to 1981.

While Democratic officials have routinely cited the landmark health care reform and financial reform bills they passed into law, as well as their response to the economy, voters don’t seem to be clearly responding to the message.

Earlier Wednesday, we looked at what RNC chief Michael Steele had to say about his party’s unity in the wake of tea party victories. Find that here.