Donald Trump held a live Twitter chat. What could possibly go wrong?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump decided to do a live Twitter chat from the outlet’s New York City office to reach voters through social media.

Using the hashtag #AskTrump, some Twitter users, like @MarieLeff, posed serious questions to Trump, which he then answered by video:

He also entertained more light-hearted questions about whether or not the Dallas Cowboys have a chance at the playoffs, and if Joe Flacco can be considered an elite quarterback. He then fielded questions on Israel, how he would help the homeless, and what he would do to fix the student debt crisis.

While Trump answered questions, however, a large majority of the Twitterverse used the hashtag to troll Trump as hard as they could. The popular website, Buzzfeed, sent over inane questions:

Another news/culture website, The Daily Beast, invited Twitter users to spam the hashtag:

The website then tweeted a series of negative articles on Trump from their archives using the hashtag:

Since entering the race, Trump has incited controversy with remarks about Mexican immigrants and personal attacks against his opponents, including a negative statement about Carly Fiorina’s face.

With the hashtag, many Twitter users seemed to feel that Trump gave them the ideal opportunity to let him know what they thought about these actions. As the hashtag trended, they shot the candidate random, sarcastic, and even political questions.

Trump’s Twitter chat ended at 1:30 p.m., but two hours later, the hashtag was still trending, as users kept letting the Internet know what it really was they wanted to #AskTrump.