For Clinton, fight goes on after New Hampshire setback

HOOKSETT, N.H. — The fight goes on for Hillary Clinton.

Even after losing to Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Clinton promised to take her fight for the nomination to the rest of the country.

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And if she felt spurned by New Hampshire voters, she didn’t show it to supporters in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

She told them: “I still love New Hampshire, and I always will.”

Clinton went on to congratulate Sanders on his first-place finish in the primary on Tuesday night.

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But for the former secretary of state, she said it’s time to get back to the issues: campaign finance reform, equal pay for women and the lead-tainted drinking water in Flint, Michigan.

Clinton also urged younger voters to support her campaign, saying she knows she has “some work to do particularly with young people.”

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