Get a Slice of New Hampshire’s Political Mood at the Red Arrow Diner

Robert Birkett and Joshua Barajas shot this video. Barajas edited it. Mike Melia narrated the report

MANCHESTER, N.H. — With weeks to go before the presidential election, polls revealing a tightening race could mean that New Hampshire’s four electoral votes could be all that President Obama or Mitt Romney need to reach the 270 required for the win.

Both candidates have made the Granite State a stopping point, hoping to sway its famously fickle voters.

“There’s a lot of independence in New Hampshire,” said Michael Lynch. The small business owner also said that voters tend to wait until the last couple of days to make up their minds. “They expect to see their candidates and get to know them.”

A frequent campaign stop is the Red Arrow Diner located in the center of town. Photos of visiting candidates past and present adorn the walls throughout the 24-hour eatery. The NewsHour team spoke with a couple of Red Arrow patrons about New Hampshire’s political atmosphere amid this year’s tight race.

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