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Highlights from Gwen Ifill’s Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’

Gwen Ifill will host a reddit AMA starting 1 p.m. EDT Thursday.

Gwen Ifill answered your questions on reddit during her first “Ask Me Anything” session Thursday afternoon.

Ifill is a senior correspondent for “PBS NewsHour” and the moderator and managing editor of “Washington Week.” She’s covered six Presidential campaigns, moderated two vice presidential debates and is the author of the book “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.”

She received questions ranging from politics to music, and even answered one infamous “would you rather?” Check out some highlights below:

From reddit user sporclelam: How do you decide what will be covered each night/week?

Ifill: On the “NewsHour,” the news of the day drives decisions for roughly the first half of the show. Then we kind of sort through a stack of ideas for smart, big think conversations, features, and far-flung tape pieces for the rest. At “Washington Week,” we keep track of what our usual stable of a couple dozen reporters are writing all week, then sit down on Thursdays to figure out how to tell the stories well. There is a fair amount of pixie dust involved.

From reddit user fysicist: What would you be doing if your present career hasn’t panned out?

Ifill: I would be somebody’s background singer. Preferably in sequins.

From reddit user poptophazard: What is the favorite intro you’ve ever written for Washington Week’s opening? The “Somebody’s Watching Me” one was just waiting to be said.

Get ready. Ifill sings during this video response:

From reddit user hoseroony: What is standing in your way on making “Washington Week” an hour long broadcast? Why is the “webcast extra” only 10 minutes when many weeks it seems like you guys could go on and on?

Ifill: This may sound pretty mundane, but it’s true. It costs money to do a longer show, and there’s not a lot of that in abundance these days. I think it would be pretty great, though. Perhaps I can market CDs of me singing Prince during the next pledge drive? Any takers?

And finally,

From reddit user electric_sandwich: Would you rather fight 20 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Ifill: What took so long to get this question, people??? I would rather fight 15 smoked duck sandwiches. I draw the line at horsemeat.

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