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Hillary Clinton calls Trump’s criticisms of husband ‘a dead end’

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton is brushing off Donald Trump’s persistent swipes at her husband, the former president.

The Democratic presidential front-runner says Republicans have a history of trying to dig up dirt on the Clintons, and if they want to recycle that now, that’s their business.

As she said Sunday: “Didn’t work before, won’t work again.”

With Bill Clinton out campaigning for his wife, Trump is reminding people of the ex-president’s affair with a White House intern and the questions that have swirled around him concerning other women. Trump said on “Fox News Sunday” that some women have had their reputations destroyed and Hillary Clinton helped that happen.

Hillary Clinton says of such tactics: “I think it’s a dead end, blind alley for them.”

She spoke on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

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