Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) spoke about health care reform      during an April 6 press briefing on Capitol Hi...

House Speaker Paul Ryan defends Trump on Comey

WASHINGTON — U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan says an investigation into Russia’s election meddling and possible ties to the Trump campaign should remain with the FBI and not with a special prosecutor.

Ryan stopped at a southern Wisconsin manufacturer Thursday where he promoted Republican tax reform plans. The speaker says the investigation involves deeply classified intelligence collection and should not be turned over to independent investigators.

In response to Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s testimony before a Senate committee in Washington Thursday that fired director James Comey “enjoyed broad support within the FBI,” Ryan countered that Comey had lost the support of senior leadership at the Justice Department.

Ryan said President Donald Trump listened to the concerns and criticisms voiced by “lots of different people” in making his decision to fire Comey.