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House Votes to Repeal Health Reform Law

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to repeal last year’s landmark health reform legislation — a mostly symbolic vote since the Democratic-led Senate is unlikely to pass repeal and might not even consider the measure. The final House vote was 245-189.

All 242 Republicans voted to repeal the law, which aims to medically insure millions of Americans through an expansion of private insurance via government subsidies and Medicare. It also put new regulations on the health insurance industry.

In the final roll call, 189 Democrats voted against the repeal measure, while three chose to vote with Republicans: Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma, Rep. Mike McIntyre of North Carolina and Rep. Mike Ross of Arkansas.

The House spent all of Wednesday debating the proposal. Democrats largely focused on how many people will have insurance because of the health reform law as well as popular provisions, such as a ban on insurance companies rejecting people who have medical conditions.

Republicans repeatedly said that health care reform was hurting the country’s ability to create jobs and put government bureaucrats in charge of health care decisions.

Americans are still divided on whether to repeal the health care law: A Gallup Poll from Jan. 7 showed 46 percent want repeal, 40 percent do not, and 14 percent do not have an opinion.