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How Is Student Debt Affecting Your Post-Graduate Life?

“How do we make sure that our workers earn the skills and education they need to do [their] jobs?”

That’s the question President Obama posed during a press conference last Friday, where he stressed the importance of keeping student loans from doubling in July.

We asked people on Facebook and Twitter how student loans have affected their post-graduate life and whether the price of tuition factored into their decision to pursue higher education.

For many, tuition was the decision maker on which school to attend. For others, it was the reason they had to drop out of school. And for those who finished their undergraduate and graduate careers, student debt is a long-term bill to pay.

PBS NewsHour Facebook follower Jeffrey Malone said that “education and tuition is not the problem. The problem is there are no jobs.”

It was a sentiment echoed on the NewsHour thread by Singh Law Firm who said, “I am a paralegal and will be in student loan debt for the rest of my life even though I only owe approximately $55,000. The reason is I can’t find enough work as a paralegal to pay my bills, let alone my loans back.”

Kristy Mooney Graves said she and her husband pay $500 per month in student loans. “We are proud of our education,” she wrote. She added that she and her husband “certainly have sacrificed for it.”

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