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How Well Do You Know Your Presidential Libraries?

In 1939, during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second term in office, Roosevelt established a public repository to preserve the legacy of a presidency long after one’s term had ended.

That tradition, operated under the National Archives, continues today with the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and makes President George W. Bush the thirteenth president honored with a library. Below, you can watch a time-lapse video of its construction.

A time-lapse of the construction of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Courtesy of EarthCam.net.

Each library holds artifacts and manuscripts which detail a president’s time in office. They hold gifts and possessions representing their personality, and exhibitions expressing their passions. Though you may find some of what can be found in each president’s library predictable, some findings might surprise you. So, whether you’ve been to one, all, or none, test your skills and see how well you know (or can guess) what’s inside the presidential libraries.

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