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Why Khizr Khan pulled out his copy of the U.S. Constitution on stage at the DNC

Video by PBS NewsHour

Donald Trump should show more “patience and tolerance” for criticism, according to Khizr Khan, the father of a slain U.S. soldier who has come under attack from Trump after rebuking the Republican nominee at the Democratic National Convention last week.

In an interview on Monday with PBS NewsHour, Khan accused Trump of responding poorly to criticism on the campaign trail, though the real estate developer often lashes out at his opponents.

“In his eyes, he thinks that he can criticize people but no one else can criticize” him, Khan told PBS NewsHour co-anchor Judy Woodruff in a joint interview with his wife, Ghazala Khan.

“That is not the value of this country,” added Khan, a Muslim- American attorney who immigrated with his wife and son to the U.S. from Pakistan.

Khan was responding to several comments Trump made over the weekend and on Monday about Khan’s speech at the DNC, in which he argued that Trump was unfit to be president.

“Mr. Khan, who does not know me, viciously attacked me from the stage of the DNC and is now all over T.V. doing the same – Nice!” Trump said in one message on Twitter.

Trump also questioned why Ghazala Khan appeared silently on stage as her husband spoke at the convention, and criticized the media for focusing attention on the Khan family instead of on the threat of terrorism.

Republican leaders quickly condemned Trump’s comments. Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, who is facing a difficult re-election this fall, said she was “appalled” by Trump’s words.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who is also in a tough reelection battle and was attacked by Trump for his military service last year, issued a statement on Monday condemning Trump’s remarks.

“In recent days, Donald Trump disparaged a fallen soldier’s family,” McCain said. He added, “while our party has bestowed upon him the nomination, it is not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those who are the best among us.”

In the PBS NewsHour interview, Ghazala Khan — who has said she chose not to speak at the DNC out of grief over her son’s death — criticized Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigrants from entering the United States, saying that Trump “doesn’t know Islam.”

“We should respect each other whatever our beliefs are,” she added.

Khizr Khan also explained why he decided to pull out a small copy of the U.S. constitution during his convention speech. Khan memorably asked Trump if he had ever read it, and offered to lend the real estate mogul his copy.

“That was the reason to bring out the constitution, to show him that we are all equal under the eyes of the creator and this country,” Khan said.

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