GOP contenders target New Hampshire voters for 2016

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is making it a family affair while campaigning in New Hampshire.

Paul visited the D.W. Dinner in Merrimack on Saturday morning with his 16-year-old son, Robert, by his side. The two shook hands with the breakfast crowd, and the presidential candidate took questions on education policy and Russia.

Rand Paul is in New Hampshire for a gathering of roughly 20 potential and declared candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

The Paul family has a long history in New Hampshire. The senator’s father, former Rep. Ron Paul, had a strong base of support in the state during his presidential runs.

One diner patron forgot for a moment which Paul plans to be on the ballot this time around.

“New Hampshire loves Ron Paul!” she exclaimed, before correcting herself. “Rand Paul, Rand Paul.”

Mike Huckabee is still playing coy about his presidential ambitions. He realizes this is wearing thin, but he can’t help it.

“I know it sounds ridiculous,” said the former Arkansas governor, building steam for a Dr. Seuss-like answer, “but for all the legal purposes, one can’t make an announcement until you make the announcement. You can only tell people that you’re going to make the announcement. So I can tell you I’m going to make an announcement.”

On Friday, he said he would announce May 5 in Hope, Arkansas, whether he is running again for the GOP nomination.

He already seems to be.

He made the comment before a Saturday breakfast stop at North Side Grille in Hudson, New Hampshire. He’s in the state with a large group of other potential candidates who are addressing a meeting in Nashua.

If he runs, he says he will focus on working class voters who feel left out of the Republican Party. He predicts he will have a stronger base of financial support than in his 2008 bid.