Listen to Democrats’ taunts and Republicans’ cheers as health care bill passes

Votes in Congress, even when dramatic, generally sound boring. A gavel falls, members mumble.

But the sound of the House of Representatives voting today on the American Health Care Act is a fascinating exception. Photos are not permitted, so NewsHour stood next to the open chamber door and recorded audio.

It was a long story told in one minute of impromptu reaction by the world’s most powerful people. As you’ll hear, the final call for votes is issued. Then you’ll hear Democrats loudly respond, mocking Republicans — for whom this was a close vote and do-over — with “Are you sure?” among other taunts. The gavel falls and Republicans let out a cheer of relief that had been building for eight years. The cheers die and Democrats started standing and waving. And then singing: “Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey hey hey. Goodbye.”

For one party, a victory their base would love. For the other party, a vote they believe Republicans will regret in the next election.

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