Listen to Me, Virginia Edition: It’s All About the Economy

Economy, economy, economy.

That’s what the NewsHour heard most from Virginia voters who described the biggest issue for them this election season.

The recession is on the minds of many voters across the country — but President Obama’s re-election team and Republican contender Mitt Romney’s campaign are especially studying the voters who live in swing states.

On Monday night’s NewsHour, political editor Christina Bellantoni and analyst Stu Rothenberg will assess the close presidential race underway in Virginia and other battleground states. (View the swing-state feature in our Vote 2012 Map Center.)

Watch the show live beginning at 6 p.m. here.

But it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the voices of voters across the country. We’re taking a sample of those voters this year with the NewsHour’s Listen to Me project. Throughout the election the political team will be collecting a rich tapestry of opinions from Manchester, N.H., to Las Vegas.

The following videos were captured in southwest Virginia earlier this month.

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