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Marcia Coyle Answers Viewer Questions on Day Two of Kagan Hearings

Marcia Coyle, a regular NewsHour analyst and Washington Correspondent for the National Law Journal, spoke with Hari Sreenivasan during the lunch break in Tuesday’s Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Coyle is answering some of your questions and helping explain the confirmation process.

Viewer Tom Crisp commented on Facebook that with addition of Kagan, the Supreme Court seems homogeneous – many of the justices a product of the East Coast Ivy League schools.

Coyle responded: “Absolutely Tom, you’re correct, it is quite homogeneous. I think though there are cetainly disadvantages to that, I think President Obama has been trying to diversify the bench somewhat. Right now he’s been focused on gender, and also background – lack of judicial experience is something new that will bring different things to the court, if she is confirmed.”

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