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Mitch McConnell confident he’ll win 2014 GOP primary

“I’m very confident I’ll be the nominee of my party next year. And we’re — actually, we’re into the general election right now in terms of the issues that are developing,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told PBS NewsHour co-anchor Gwen Ifill.

The Kentucky Republican was sounding a positive note about the challenge he faces from the right in the May 20 primary.

McConnell is up against businessman Matt Bevin in that contest. But if his prediction is correct and he prevails, McConnell will face Democratic Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes in the general election next fall.

Outside groups including the Senate Conservatives Fund have been pouring money into Bevin’s candidacy. And Democrats are energized by Grimes, who has done well in fundraising.

In the interview excerpt above, McConnell stressed he isn’t worried about either race.

The minority leader also opened up about the tea party, the health care law, criticism of the administration’s surveillance program and the budget battle.

Watch the rest of Gwen’s interview with McConnell on the NewsHour 6 p.m. EDT Wednesday.

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