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How does the new Congress compare with the country’s diversity?

Changes in power at the White House are grabbing the most headlines right now. But the longer-term story about American democracy in recent years has been the shift in the demographics of the population as a whole. Here’s how the diversity in the nation compares with the makeup of the new Congress and the proposed new Trump cabinet (looking at the 19 nominees he’s named).

Women:          United States - 50.8% 	Trump cabinet (so far) - 21% 	115th Congress - 19.9% 	 African-American: 	United States - 13.8% 	Trump cabinet (so far) - 5.2% 	115th Congress - 9%  Hispanic: 	United States - 17.1% 	Trump cabinet (so far) - 0% 	115th Congress - 7%  Asian-American:         United States - 6.1% 	Trump cabinet (so far) - 10.5% 	115th Congress - 2.8%

In general, both the proposed Trump White House and new Congress are distinctly less diverse and have a much lower representation of women than America at large. This is not a new phenomenon, but it is increasingly glaring as America becomes more diverse. The Obama cabinet was more diverse than they one Mr. Trump has proposed so far, but it was still far short of representing women and Hispanics.

Highlights: Mr. Trump’s cabinet of choice is particularly different than America at large when it comes to blacks and Hispanics, with a single African-American nominee so far and no Hispanics. Congress has record high numbers of African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans, but all are still represented in much lower numbers in Congress than they are in the country as a whole. Here’s a look at those numbers:

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