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NewsHour Connect: WNYC Reporter on Rangel Trial

The House Ethics Committee convened this morning to deliberate the charges against Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y. The proceedings got off to an interesting start when Rep. Rangel walked out of the room a mere forty minutes after the hearing began. After spending nearly $2 million on legal fees, Rangel claimed he could no longer afford a lawyer, but was denied a request to delay.

Rangel faces 13 charges of unethical behavior including allegations of tax fraud and illegally maintaining rent-controlled apartments in Harlem, New York.

WNYC Reporter Azi Paybarah briefs Hari Sreenivasan on the first day of the Rangel trial.

Azi Paybarah is a blogger for WNYC’s The Empire, a part of The Argo Project.

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