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NewsHour Correspondents Reflect on Their Favorite Stories of 2012

This past year NewsHour correspondents have covered a lot of ground: from the multi-billion dollar campaign season to the year’s wild weather across North America. Listen to them explain their favorite stories of the year.

Judy Woodruff

The 2012 presidential election was Senior Correspondent Judy Woodruff’s favorite story of the year. Her most cherished aspect? Getting to speak with voters across the country and hear what issues mattered to them. “There was real passion on the part of these voters,” she explained. “To me that is the most exciting thing about an election.”

Gwen Ifill

With paraphernalia from past campaigns adorning senior correspondent Gwen Ifill’s office, it may not come as a big surprise that her favorite story of 2012 was also the presidential election. However, it wasn’t the day-to-day grind but reflecting back on the campaign that she enjoyed most, and seeing how technological advancements made campaigning in this election unlike any other.

Jeffrey Brown

Senior Correspondent Jeffrey Brown doesn’t have a “most favorite” story of 2012 but rather a variety of “mosts.” From poets to celebrities, artists to government officials, see some of the people Jeffrey Brown spoke to in 2012 and what stories made his end of year list.

Ray Suarez

Of the many stories Senior Correspondent Ray Suarez covered in 2012, he was quick to tell us that covering the energy boom in the western part of the United States was his favorite. Ray traveled to and covered what it was like to live and work in the “new oil patch of America.” See what he found to be most interesting from that coverage.

Hari Sreenivasan

In 2012 you may have seen NewsHour Correspondent Hari Sreenivasan reporting from all over the country for the climate change series. Making those stories was his favorite project of the year. Hari and his team traveled across the United States to bring light to climate change through what he calls “the lens of adaptation.” Listen to what he enjoyed most about making this series.

Kwame Holman

NewsHour Correspondent Kwame Holman sat down with us in the newsroom to explain why he enjoyed covering Capitol Hill in 2012. A veteran of political coverage, Kwame noted some emerging trends over the past year on the Hill that he found to be interesting, particularly the increased communication with the public on behalf of House leadership. “It has become more the norm now … at every opportunity, to communicate through the news media whatever the political position and policy positions of the party happens to be,” he said.

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