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Obama may push executive action to cover 5 million undocumented immigrants

After promising to take broad actions on immigration by the end of the year, President Barack Obama is expected to announce a plan that would protect up to five million undocumented immigrants from deportation, The New York Times reported.

Citing administration officials, the Times reported that the order, which could come as soon as next week, would allow millions of undocumented immigrants to apply for work permits and grant wider protection from threat of deportation.

While details have yet to be sussed out, the officials said Obama’s order would also include opportunities for high-skilled immigrants and policy changes to the Secure Communities program, which allows federal immigration agents to identify deportable immigrants in jails.

With the perpetual stalling of immigration overhaul, the Hispanic community questioned the president’s repeated promise to address reform on the issue. And although the Republicans’ recent takeover of the Senate seemed to all but halt progress on the major national policy issue, Obama has vowed to move on immigration following the outcome of the midterms.

Obama is expected to return from his days-long Asia tour on Sunday.

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