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Obama Rallies Senate Democrats to Revive Domestic Agenda

President Obama gave a pep talk to and answered questions from Senate Democrats Wednesday, imploring them to keep working for their agenda despite the rough political climate.

He urged his former Senate colleagues to continue fighting for their agenda despite delay tactics from their Republican colleagues.

“We’ll call them out when they say they want to work with us, and we extend a hand and get a fist in return,” Obama said.

Last week, President Obama attended a similar, but more contentious event with House Republicans that made headlines.

After Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown won an upset to fill the remainder of late Sen. Edward Kennedy’s term, Democrats now control just 59 seats in the Senate. That is not enough to overcome filibusters from Republicans — a tactic they pledge to use to stop the final stages of Mr. Obama’s top legislative goal: health care reform.

The president urged his colleagues to finish what Democrats started on their key domestic agenda.

“We’ve got to finish the job on health care. We’ve got to finish the job on financial regulatory reform. We’ve got to finish the job, even though it’s hard,” he said.

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